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  • Richard Riel:

    I need the GA-8I945PM-RH BIOS. No one on this planet seems to have it. Can you help? thank you, rich

  • Salman Ali:

    I have Dell Inspiron 5520 laptop with switchable graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 7670m & Intel HD 4000. I want to disable switchable graphics but my Insyde H2O BIOS doesn’t have the required option. In fact this BIOS is almost empty with very less options.
    What can I do in this regard?? Can I upgrade my BIOS to get more options.
    Your help is urgently required please.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • Anon:

    !BIG DEAL!


    I am an enthusiast and fellow mod user/author. I came across following document:

    BIOS Update for PC Client Devices Protection Profile by NIAP. It is upcoming Common Criteria standard that will get adopted by NIST.

    In its current form, this proposal/draft will lock bios updates to signed-only to enable secure remote bios patching. Unfortunately it does not adequately provide for local updates that would bypass such crypto/signed process. If adopted by industry, it will make impossible to mod.

    Document is currently in a draft/proposal stage. They are currently in comments period.( There has to be a community effort to explain these bureaucrats why mods are important and why we still should be allowed to load unsigned BIOS, but without hate mail so there is a chance they would listen.

    Please keep me anon and out of it.


  • Bryan:

    I like to learn how to mod bios’s and give me a start in coding as well as give back to the community.

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