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Award BIOS Recovery

This is a simple method to try to recover from a bad flash. Attach a floppy drive to the computer. Then go to and create a windows 98 boot disk. If you have a DOS disk lying around this will also work. Then delete the config.sys file. If you can’t see this file the make sure you can see hidden files in windows. Then if there is no config.sys file on your boot disk, open the file autoexec with notepad. Then delete anything that is in there and copy and save these lines:


Take note that when you save it make sure the extension is a .bat, not a .txt. Replace the name BIOSFILE.BIN with the name of the modded bios save. Then copy the modded bios to the floppy disk with awdflash.exe and make sure the award flasher is named awdflash.exe. After, if your computer is booting drives, it should automatically pick up the floppy and reflash the bios a second time. You will see floppy activity if all is well.

4 Responses to “Award BIOS Recovery”

  • Bobbi:

    GT5622 (Gateway 5622 Vista Hme Premium)

    I had Hiren BootCD load and was trying to reload my bios thinking I had a virus..

    Well.. lost power and no more bios….

    Any suggestions,

  • Don:

    I guess i did a bad flash.
    My screen stays black it doesn’t even load the bios and usually me PC revs up high and then relaxes but now it justs stays reved up.

    I really don’t understand the Award Bios recovery TUT it’s not to well written also would it be possible for someone to make a video tut of doing this or how to?? Also if anyone has one PM me.

    Motherboard: MCP61PM-HM Rev 2.2 Nettle 3 I really need some help please respond ASAP.

    • The tutorial is fine – but a video in future might be helpful.

      The Nettle3 thread clearly spells out in first page the 2.2V flash risk. I have sent you a PM with some recovery details we can follow.

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