Extracted Phoenix BIOS modules

This BIOS module contains the text strings of all the settings and text instructions that appear in the BIOS. An example of such a string is “Enhanced AHCI:”. This string relates to an item string in TEMPLAT0.ROM which controls this setting.

This BIOS module contains the BIOS menu layout,  item strings for BIOS settings/items, and functions for each item. This is the module that is modified to add new BIOS menus or reorganize them. The item strings in this file make sting calls to the STRINGS module. This allows for easy identification of item strings.

This file contains many tables such as the BCPNV table which links to several other tables within the file (including the NVRAM Token Table itself – modifying this results in the modification of the factory default settings of the computer). DMI strings (motherboard model, serial number, etc.) are held within the BIOS module.

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  • Alejandro:

    Hi, i was reading here a lot, and i saw olds posts about unlocking hidden features on Phoenix bios’s. Is it possible, to get unlocked some things nowadays? I need to improve the fan speed that has only low and auto options, but i can’t force it. And i have a doubt about if i am going to have problems if i change my p6200 to an i5 560m.
    I will really appreciate your answer. Sorry i’m Argentinian and i do not speak english very well.

    I have a Samsung RV511, with now, bios update Phoenix 07pa. (The original was 06pa).


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