Back Online! – Good News And Bad News!

After a lot of hard work (on our own part , not our hosts) , we are back online. Thats the good news!

Bad nwes – All our database backups were corrupted with the exception of 1. This 1 complete backup was dated 24th September 2009 so all registrations , posts and threads since then have been deleted. We apologise for this inconvenience.

The main culprit of the database problems etc was one or two plugins , so these have been disabled. You no longer have access to your system specs , as this was the plugin that put a few dodgy things in our Mysql database. The Advanced quick reply form has also been uninstalled , making the forum back to its smoothly running self!

Apologies Again for the Inconvenience and the down time , we are planning on upgrading our hosting within the next 2 weeks to cope with the increase in site traffic! This also means we will have 99.99% uptime!

All the Best

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