Bios Chip Reprogramming Service Open

To All Of Our Valued Members ,

Now that my programmer has arrive , I am are happy to announce the official launch of our bios chip reprogrammming service.

This is how its going to work :-

TheWiz will be taking support requests from the US , as shipping will be quicker and cheaper. 1234s282 (Myself) will be taking all the other requests.

There are some rules which you need to follow with the chip reflashing service. Please check the page very carefully:

1. Before you send your chip to us , check the your flashrom is compatible and is listed on the supported package list below.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Official Firefox Addon Development Notes

Hi Everyone

Today I have made a post informing you all about our latest update – an official firefox browser addon for the biosmods Site!

For more information and screenshots please see

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Back To School

Hey Everyone

Il be back off to school in 10 minutes. Expect slow downs in modding requests. Il still try my best and mod when i get home but it won’t be as quick as when it was the holidays!

Sorry For The Inconvenience
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Now You Can Blog Too!

We have integrated a brand new feature for those aspiring writers on our forum. You will now notice that in your User CP you can find an option under edit signature to create and manage your own blog. This blog can be for your buddies only, a public blog, and all will be able to see your blog via

  • or by simply clicking your name anywhere in the forum and looking up your most recent blog entry. Please, check it out, give feedback, but most importantly, enjoy!

    TheWiz… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

    Main Website Launched!

    Hey Everyone

    You will probably have noticed that Bios Mods now has a proper website , as well as the forums!

    The new website contains bios recovery instructions , an EPA Logo Gallery, and Tutorials.

    We will be adding more content as time goes on

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    End Of Year Forum Maintenance

    Hey Everyone

    As we approach the end of 2009 , Ive taken to cleaning up the forum a bit. Cleanup involves the following:-

    All Sub Forum Logo Icons correctly resized – Realised they should be 100px wide not 200 😛

    All Threads in the confirmed section which the user never reported back on have been deleted. So unless theres a “Thank you it works” or something along those lines we have deleted the thread.

    Slowly but surely , all confirmed threads are being renamed into the preferred format of MAKE MODEL BIOS VERSION SLIC

    Also ,  for SLIC only , we will be moving all of the separate “Confirmed” Forums (Award/AMI , Insyde , Phoenix) and all separate “Request” Forums (Insyde , Phoenix , Award/AMI) under 2 big sub forums of Confirmed SLIC Mods and SLIC Requests , to make it easier for users to work out where to post.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

    Biosmods Is Now On Twitter!

    Hey Everyone

    To further promote our site , we have redesigned the blog , added a site widget for Twitter and joined Twitter. You can follow us at


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    Server Migration Successful

    Hi Everyone

    I am happy to report that we have now moved over to the new fast server while still maintaining uptime , Hopefully you can see the difference!!!

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