End Of Year Forum Maintenance

Hey Everyone

As we approach the end of 2009 , Ive taken to cleaning up the forum a bit. Cleanup involves the following:-

All Sub Forum Logo Icons correctly resized – Realised they should be 100px wide not 200 😛

All Threads in the confirmed section which the user never reported back on have been deleted. So unless theres a “Thank you it works” or something along those lines we have deleted the thread.

Slowly but surely , all confirmed threads are being renamed into the preferred format of MAKE MODEL BIOS VERSION SLIC

Also ,  for SLIC only , we will be moving all of the separate “Confirmed” Forums (Award/AMI , Insyde , Phoenix) and all separate “Request” Forums (Insyde , Phoenix , Award/AMI) under 2 big sub forums of Confirmed SLIC Mods and SLIC Requests , to make it easier for users to work out where to post. This should help cut down on the amount of posting in the wrong place thats currently going on!

These changes will obviously take a good week or 2 to be fully done , but the forum should be much better at the end of it!


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