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ACER Aspire X3810 (Ami P01-A3 or A0)

I'm french, i would like to know if it is possible to unlock overclocking functions of this acer motherboard.

The motherboard is an Acer WG43M
The bios is an AMIBIOS version P01-A0 or A3.

The missed functions are : "processor configuration", "dram configuration" and "bus configuration" under the "frequency/voltage control" subcategory.

I had a look at P01-A3 , as this is more recent that P01-A0

Sorry but there are no options that are hidden at all!

You are stuck with what you have Sad

Sorry i cant help!

www find

Thank you for your reply.

I can confirm however that these sections exist as well in the PDF documentation of the Acer Aspire x3810 and x5810.

If these options are not hidden, they must be removed in these versions of the bios.

On the Acer website, it has access to the 2 versions of bios, P01-A0 and P01-A3.

I suppose that these two versions are lighter and there must be exist two full versions such as P01-A1 and P01-A2.

I provided the link to the acer web page to download the bios version A0 (file. Rom), for the A3 version is only executable.

Here's the link:

I also provided the link for that pdf page 27 illustrates the three categories missing ...

Here's the link:

Thank you very much for your help.

I expect your new

No sorry , the versions are just done in order of release. A0 was the first release , A1 is the first update , a2 is the second etc

The fact that these options are available in the PDF documentation suggests a hidden key press is needed to gain the extra options

try pressing Ctrl and F1 or Ctrl and F9 in the bios , as this sometimes shows the extra options!

Good Luck!

www find
Thanks for your reply, i will try it.


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