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ASUS A8JS VGA upgrade Go7700 -> GF9650M GT (1GB) (and other VGA cards)
Thanks to your tutorial i got my A8JS working again with the new 9650m gt. Utilizyng a driver from laptopvideo2go the internal display is working like it should.

Connecting another screen by vga works till i try to get my plasma on 1920 x 1080 (gives bad color and size)

But Big Grin my real problem is the DVI-Port not giving a sign of life. Does anyone know a solution.

So far I'm trying this on WinXP. Thanks if somebody can help me out.

PS: As it was asked before I used 0.5 mm thermal pads on the memory and 1mm on this "whatever" chip below the heatpipe ( as seen when you're working on it ).As i'm in Germany i got both from Conrad-Elektronik.
Hi there, so I also have an A8J with a nVidia Go7700 that died.

I have a working 9500m GS from an M51Sv and I intend to try using it. I've got a few questions though:

Q1) I can't see any bios files posted for that particular card (only seen the 9650 bios on the first page) so I'm not sure which bios file to use.

Q2) My Go7700 died so I cannot even see the screen. Is there a way I can still flash? Do I have to borrow a working GF7700? Or can I send my laptop to someone with a GF7700 for flashing?

Thanks so much!
(11-25-2010, 10:20 AM)Tony2k Wrote: The 9500m GS in my Asus M50sv died so I bought a 9650m. I have modded the bios swapping the module from M50v bios.
Now the laptop boot and the gpu it's recognised from win 7 but I have only a problem, the fan now work always at the max speed and it's really noisy. What can I do?
If somebody want to take a look here there are the bioses:

Hi, Tony2k!
Could you tell me please - who is modded this BIOS for you? If you did it, please tell me: did you only delete some old PCI Option ROM from your default BIOS and insert new PCI Option ROM? Or you did something else with other BIOS modules? Comparing two of your BIOSes I can see that they have difference in module with ID 80 (Image Information). Did you make any modifications with this module using Hex editor/decompiler? Share your knowledge please Smile
Thanks in advance.
I want to buy that card, Can you give me all the details and links of that card? Thanks..
Have a look at: computer service in london
When I read this thread, I wanted to replace my slightly defective card.
I've made the BIOS update and the my A8JS runs with the old VGA card.

I ordered a 9650GT on ebay but it turned out that it has a G96-600-A1 chip.
When I try to boot with this card, I hear a only a few beeps and get a black screen.
How can I modify the BIOS to get the card runs?
Hi guys, my 7700 card kicked the bin, and I need to buy one at least to flash the bios for an upgrade.

Does anyone still have the original go7700, and would like to sell the card to me? I would also be willing to pay to rent one for a few days just so I can perform the flash.


- Mike
I just purchased a used Asus A8JS. From the seller's descriptions the Geforce 7700 GO is starting to go defective (screen artifacts.) I won't know for sure until I test it on a external monitor. First steps will be to make sure the GPU has thermal paste. Once it fails completely I will try reflowing the GPU card, if it doesn't work the next step is to upgrade to a Geforce 9650M GT.

My question to the OP is when will your guide on how you upgrade/unlock a Intel Core 2 Duo T7600.
Hi dear Jommoner
Could please help me? I want to upgrade Asus F8vr - Ati HD 3470 graphic to to Nvidia described by you. Do i need a reverse Mxm? And can you build the proper bios for me. ? Or can i just upgrade to a higher graphic card (Ati model) without bios moddin? Thank you.

Also one more question . Are you good at intalling mac on this machine? i installed Lion 10.7 everything works exept graphic which is slow Vga resolution. Any idea?
Help install a graphics card in a laptop ASUS F8Sn:
was - 9500GS
must - 9650M
I can not run, need to modify the BIOS

I have a laptop asus a8js and geforce go 7700
My graphic card is faulty and i need to upgrade.

I see that link to buy the model that you put, but i don't know if is good to upgrade
The link is the next, can you confirm that please...

If the graphic card is good to buy to upgrade my geforce go 7700 i need to replaced and them flash the bios firm with te file that you put with winflash no...?

If you need a photo of my graphic card i can send you

Sorry my english is not enought good, I'm from Barcelona, spain

Kind regards.

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