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Acer Aspire M5100 R01-A3

Thank you for confirming! We would appreciate it if you took the time to create a new thread in the unlocked section in the following format:

Thread Name: UNLOCKED: Acer Aspire AM1100-B1300A
Thread Details:
-->Motherboard name, PC description
-->Motherboard Picture
-->Link to Download
-->Flashing Procedure
-->A screenshot or two of unlocked menus.

Thank you for your assistance,
www find

I have Acer Aspire M5100 with R02-A3S1 -BIOS. I've tried the BIOS from first post, but that leads to dead motherboard, so I used Modbin myself to edit my original bios. However, I can't get voltage or multiplier -settings to show up, virtualization etc. are showing up nicely, but no go for "NPT Vid control" or "NPT Fid control.
Could someone check out what's wrong or fix my mod?

Original and modded BIOS:es are included in attachments.

Thank you! Smile

Attached Files
.bin   BACKUP.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 53)
.bin   MOD.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 55)
i hope this thread isnt dead because i desperately need a bios update, with all the mods!!!!! please i have an acer aspire m5100 desktop pc with an amd proccesser
i have attached the file

Attached Files
.bin   OLD.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 14)
I am in the same boat. I have an acer aspire m5100 desktop pc with an amd proccesser and would like to expand the features. Any update if this thread is still active?
(09-30-2013, 10:43 AM)Bio-Akuma Wrote: I am in the same boat. I have an acer aspire m5100 desktop pc with an amd proccesser and would like to expand the features. Any update if this thread is still active?

I haven't run mine in a while but am looking at installing winserver2008 on it, so I will be looking at the updated bios and would like to thank The Wiz for looking at this thread again.
So... no, it's not really dead, just one of those systems that seems there are few of in service anymore.
Don't mean to revive an old thread. I've got an M1100-B1300a and saw that someone posted that this unlocked BIOS works. I'm having some strange BSOD video driver problems with more than 2.5Gb RAM installed and a lot of folks are recommending slightly increasing RAM voltages.

Does this sound like a legitimate solution? Is it possible with the unlocked BIOS? I've tried all of the other driver update/reinstalls that everyone recommends and am stuck on the BIOS update because Acer never released another.
Hi All,
This thread is one of the longest I've seen in a while.
I have the same problem as XRKUND above, the foxconn mobo which acer call the F690GVM using the amd 690 N'bridge which has the addressing issues with 64bit OS above 2G, (this is what causes the "white screen of death"), there seems to me to be some confusion as to whether or not a bios would cure this problem, (logic says if its a 690 chip problem then ...).
It would seem that 10UP has the same question in this thread: General Discussion/help and clarification/02-23-2013, 04:46 AM

So it would be real nice if anyone knows if a bios mod gets the video bug (WSOD) working on a 64bit OS (win7) with >2G mem.

Also this mobo came out of an acer extensa e210, and its the same as in m1100,3100,5100. But there are obvious minor revisions to the pcb (where the front pan con goes), and there are obvious different build standards, (like chips fitted/not fitted). So this may require different bios fits.


I've just one request, everything is Ok for my M1100, but I would like to know if it's possible to unlock the AHCI (the bios is lock on SATA Native IDE),

Thank's in advance. Smile
am i the only one who allegly has the ro2-a2 bios? (canada)
has anyone a backup of this...i bricked mine when updating
Hello to all forum users! And in particular to TheWiz and 1234s282! Smile
After reading the entire thread, I realized that it is better to edit BIOS dump from my mobo.
My aim is to open the show-only option "ATI SATA Type" (Integrated Peripherals -> South OnChip PCI Device -> ATI SATA Type). I wanna set it to "AHCI" (to use SSD Smile ).

On the advice of the user bebsmoi I used Modbin6 2.04.01 to modify BIOS. Everything seems to be going well, but there were a few write errors when AWDFLASH (under DOS) flashed firmware. The /WB (Write Bootblock) key I deleted. Now when I start my computer there are black screen and only spinning coolers Sad Most likely, it is necessary to flash chip on the programmer...

The aim is not reached. So I have two questions to the distinguished TheWiz and other competent users:
1) What did I do wrong? Should I have to recalculate the CRC sum of modded firmware with CBROM after using Modbin6 (this information from some russian resources)? I did not write above that after flashing and restarting computer only once I was given the message "BIOS Chechksum Error" and "Award Boot Block v1.0". Then (after switch off/on PC) there was only a black screen.
Could you briefly describe the modding Award BIOS procedure? Getting dump/download BIOS -> Modbin -> flash the bios to the chip? I had read the TheWiz's How-To Smile Or should I just need to use the HEX-editor?

2) Could you unlock "ATI SATA Type" option in the two attached firmware?
One - R01-A3 (original dump from my mobo), the second - R02-B1 (downloaded from the official Acer's ftp).

Technical details:
Computer model: Acer M1100 identified in BIOS as M5100
Motherboard model: RS690-SB600-6A669FK8C-00
Original BIOS Version: R01-A3

P.S. I look forward to your answers, because your forum is the only place where it is possible to debate the topic BIOS modification.

Attached Files
.bin   R01-A3_721A1P16.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 52)
.bin   R02-B1_755A1P12.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 49)

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