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Acer Aspire T180 R01-C0 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
Hey guys Smile

First of all thanks for the bios, worked a TREAT Big Grin

I bought some kingston hyperx 1066 ram for this machine, however as i'm not able to modify voltages to the ram I can't get all my moneys worth (stuck at 1.8v need to set it to 2.1/2v). Is there anyway to put this right?

Cheers guys Big Grin

Sorry if I am bring back an old post. I was wondering if these bios are compatible with the 7750 kuma?
Use the Abit BIOS on the Aspire E380 page to support the 7750 Kuma.
(12-28-2010, 05:36 AM)vernaides Wrote: Use the Abit BIOS on the Aspire E380 page to support the 7750 Kuma.

Is there any other newer cpus it can support? I just got my 260 gtx and it's doing well but the cpu is lacking hard. Maybe a quad phenom?
Also... When I turn up the fsb in the bios, it doesnt show up in cpuz. I had ntune and uninstalled it twice. It kept the ntunes settings both times. I deleted the registry files but its still doing it.
The latest it can support are Phenom IIs, but not Athlon IIs and Sempron 140/145/180.

Furthermore, it is best to use processors with TDPs below 89 watts due to limitations in the power circuitry of this board.

MrTangoWhiskey uses a 65w Phenom I 9500 on his Aspire E380 (very similar to the T180). Take note, however, that his board has been modified after a number of capacitors blew up during testing of 89w processors.

Correction: They blew up during testing with 125W-TDP-processors... Smile

Sometimes you just have to try to be sure it is not working...
[Image: logo.png]
I am back in here as I promised! Big Grin So tell me your needs!
So I just put a gtx 260 in this board a couple days ago and it only runs at 8 x.... I dont see anything settings that change that either. You know how hard it is to fit that card in a t180? Hard as balls man lol
AFAIK the Aspire T180 uses the MCP61S chipset which only has an x8 link.
CPU-Z shows my T180 has 16x. I have

DMI System Information
manufacturer Acer
product Aspire T180
version R01-B4


Northbridge NVIDIA MCP61 rev. A3
Southbridge NVIDIA MCP61 rev. A2
Graphic Interface PCI-Express
PCI-E Link Width x16
PCI-E Max Link Width x16

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