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Acer Aspire T180 R01-C0 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
i realize this is a very old thread and all, but i was wondering if some kind soul could walk me through using winflash? i entirely trashed a guy's bios chip last time i tried.
Winflash can really have some risk to it. I reccommend going to our tutorial section and following the DOS USB metod of flashing ebcause its much safer and more reliable.

Hope this helps (reply with any more querstions),

www find
Hi guys. I have a question about whether or not this will work on my compter or not. Im not sure Im in the right thread. I have an ACER Aspire with the numbes on the front stating its a AST180-UA380B. It has on the motherboard : HT2000 REV: 1.0a and to the left of the revision it has i think the model number which is : MCP61SM-AM.

Is this the correct bios flash that I need to do to unlock the motherboard so I can OC it?? Its ahlon 64 3800+ and would like a little more life from it till I can save for my rebuild. Also this will be my first BIOS flash. Is it really difficult or dangerous to my system? Thanks in advance everyone for you help and advice.
I would confirm this ith Tango Wiskey but I'm pretty sure that the retail ABIT bios is what you're looking for. Ccheck with him first.

www find
Official Wik started for the MCP61 series boards:
www find
Right I am stuck hope you can help, Ibeen reading overclocking guide, which states 2 clock cpufind the max it will do, drop memory down underclock mem, but my mem is ddr2 400, bios cant underclock, is there a bios which will allow me to set mem under 400, like 333 or something??? only have 400/533/667/800 not 400 - , please help, ty.
No, you cannot drop it lower than the preset frequencies, it isn't programmed that way. As mentioned earlier, you will not get any decent overclock without the ddrII 800mhz RAM.

www find
cool got the 800, got stable 2.7 ish (i want more !!!!!!!) lol gone from 2.2 to 2.758 and ddr2 800 at 459.7 mhz but i think i could go more maybe 2.85 but i need voltages, i can only get in bios 1.4 v - nothing over 1.4 ????? i viewed bios in modbin it has upto 1.5v why can i not see it ????
hi, the flash went fine, but if I change the fsb, when I start windows cpuz can not detect changes, if I go back in bios, the setting is saved, I do not understand, someone else had the same problem. Thanks to all
Somtimes on these boards you have to save the settings, unplug the system for 20 seconds, and then restart windows to get settings to show up right.

www find

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