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Acer Swift 3 SF314-42: Need help programming Acer laptop BIOS chip
I'm trying to to recover a bricked Acer Swift 3 laptop, specifically the SF314-42 one using the CH341a programmer. I've identified a chip named "winbond 25X20CLNIG" which I'm trying to program using the abobios.bin file which I have linked. I got it from extracting the Insyde installer. I also saved the original data on the chip, which I have linked as save.bin. When I try to program the chip I get an error saying "File size larger than IC size." I need help to figure out why this is happening. Is this the wrong chip? Does the file have extra info I need to remove? I previously posted about this laptop, but this is not a duplicate since I'm trying a different method. Link to files:
I've unscrewed the motherboard and checked the underside, and it looks like there are no other potential BIOS chips. I have uploaded to the Google Drive folder the image of the chip I mentioned previously and another one I found which I couldn't find any info on. Plus, I've included a picture of the back side of the motherboard with the full name plus the font too! Help would be very much appreciated.
I think XM25QU128xxxx is bios chip.

Here is bios file extracted from abobios.bin.

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