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After BIOS update
Hi all

I have ThinkCentre A52 8327-75G. (OEM)
My problem is. When i flash (update) BIOS from Windows Xp, first all is okay, but when i see in "Task Manager" it show only one thread (before i flash (update) BIOS from Windows it show me 2 threads)
Now have and error message "Invalid Machine type and Serial Number - Update Bios to correct this"

I update BIOS because motherboard LAN not show in Device Manager and in BIOS show at MAC Address: Invalid.

My CPU: Intel Pentium D 820 2.8 2M cache (duall core)
RAM: 2 x 1gb 667 and one 256 mb

Can some one help to fix this? I ask in "Lenovo" Forums but 5 days with no answer Angry

BTW: I test to install different OS's Windows XP SP3, Server and 7 (Ultimate and Enterprise) but no effect again one cpu. here one screen from That PC: [Image: 2mf0nyr.jpg]


After see in AIDA64 Extreme:
[Image: 10x4r5w.jpg]

How this is possible ?
come one 116 views and 0 reply .....

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