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Asrock Z170 Extreme 4,6 and 7+ UEFI modification
Hi, I need some help with UEFI pictures modification if someone knows. What I need exactly is how to edit boot logo, logo inside UEFI, wallpaper inside UEFI on the background and header in UEFI to put my custom if possible.

I attached pictures and mark with circle and text on pictures what I would like to change so you could better understand what I want.

[Image: BgxIjsa.jpg]

[Image: Af7iJbZ.jpg]

[Image: HFORe4J.jpg]

[Image: Tfd9NVR.jpg]

Hello ~~friend!!
I try to analyse bios with Z170 Extreme4 and extracted some image files.
Because there too much modules form bios ,so i only checked module which file size from bigest to 10k ,it already spend me a few time.
Image file's name also is module's name ,if you wanna to replace some image modules ,i suggest you need to make the same image resolution and format with original image then replace them.
You can use phoenixtool or uefitool to replace module.

There are some tips i give you.
Module "F7625B66-935F-49C8-9A91-0D655CA90D9F_3087" and "68BA3E2A-9992-47E6-A087-1C2CC9874CA5_2595" seem is bios background image.
They have different image resolution.

Module "517C0471-5B2A-4DEC-B00C-1837A543D850_3837" and "67F7D0B8-B769-44CD-A72B-B313870D34B4_3627" is ez mode background image.
They are also have different different image resolution.

The boot logo is consists of many images ,header of module "7BB28B99-xxxxxx" 、"494E3DF8-xxxxx"、"DDF9F6C5-xxxxx" are parts of boot logo.
You need to test them by your self.

Module "7BB28B99-61BB-11D5-9A5D-0090273FC14D_4893",it seem is bios boot logo that i consulted picture3 you provided.

But i think it is a disguise file ,i think module "DDF9F6C5-C17B-49C2-BBC6-BFFD8953283A_4908" is real splash logo.

My english is poor, i hope you can understander what i mean.


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Wow man thanks for this it helps alot!

I have one more question. I manage to edit boot logo picture for start and manage to set her to be same size, but when I want to flash bios via UEFI instant flash I got window pop up that say something like "secure check fail" I was reading somewhere here on forum that I need to edit my rom via hex editor, can you explain it to me a bit more in details because I am doing this for the first time and I don't get everything so well.

Can someone answer my question if anyone knows ?

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