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Asus Eee PC 1000HG
I'm trying your modded BIOS now Smile What would be really great is if you could increase SHE and unlock memory timings like the other guy in this thread did:

That thread led me to this site in the first place Big Grin
Solved ! After testing an old 256Mbyte usb-stick it worked great!
Thanks for your work.
Boot with the stock sata hd within 22 sec Lubuntu 14.10 LXDE

Hi from Germany,

I was googleing "1000hg bios update" and came to your thread.

Guess what? I am going to change the original hd to a ssd, so your
great work comes in handy. - But!

The bios update is not working. I am using alt-F2 and a
fat32 formated 2G-Stick.

USB-Device gets found.... READING 1000HG.ROM
and thats all what happens! After 1 hour I switched
off and rebooted.... still 0603 BIOS!

I tried AFUDOS-way, but the "rom does not support afu"
said the afudos.

What else can I do? Which way may I use?

Any help is preciated.

Sam aka Wootanaz
How do I flash the BIOS from Linux?
Is there any way to do the flashing fron an usb device or from SD reader?

Thanks in advance...


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