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Asus K43SJ processor upgrade question
Hello folks!

I have an Asus A43SJ with a Pentium B940 processor in it. I want to upgrade the processor and need suggestions for compatibility

As per official Asus, Core i7-2630QM should work . Link to specs -

I'm wondering if a i7-2670QM will work, I can get it slightly cheaper than the 2630QM plus it will be slightly faster.

Link to BIOS -

I can open the BIOS thru AMIBCP 4.55 and MMtool and here's some screenshots if it can help. I really cannot figure how to proceed from here so asking your help!

[Image: hM9i6Pk.jpg]

[Image: aDxlZOj.jpg]

Thanks in Advance!
I think that quad cores CPU will overheat this laptop.
To check it you need to stress current GPU and CPU simultaneously: run Furmark & LinX (with idle process priority).
Make screenshot of HWMonitor when GPU & CPU temperatures will stop rising.
(10-08-2018, 11:57 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: I think that quad cores CPU will overheat this laptop.

Leaving aside the heating, will it work on the laptop? I can probably do some mods to take care of the extra heat.

I could probably get an i5 2410M which is also on the supported processors list and has same TDP as the 940 but if possible I want to go all out on the upgrade  Big Grin

on a different note, will i5 2540M also work? I'm having second thoughts on the i7 due to thermal constraints.
(10-09-2018, 12:16 AM)jingalalahoe Wrote: Leaving aside the heating, will it work on the laptop?
Some motherboards can't boot with quad cores CPU because of hardware limits of power subsystem. On motherboard, not PSU.
i5-2xx0M и i7-26x0M are recommended for your laptop.
(10-09-2018, 11:25 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: i5-2xx0M и i7-26x0M are recommended for your laptop.

Thank you for your inputs, ordered an i5-2540M. I'll update the thread when I get it!
SO I got my processor and it works fine!

[Image: FBiL09I.jpg]

Before installing it, I updated the microcodes in the bios to the latest and unlocked as many options as possible in the BIOS.

Processor idles at 37-38* , wow! Earlier witht he 940 and the same thermal paste it never went below 50* idle. Load temps are the same, this is after 15 minutes of prime95 and its turboing to 2.8GHz on all cores? I'm running a 65w brick instead of the standard 90W. Hopefully it runs faster witht he 90W hehe.

[Image: SeClZX4.jpg]

Windows is lot more responsive even with prime95 running! Spent 35$ on the cpu and it was worth the upgrade. Now I keep thinking if I should have got the i7 haha
Hi Jingalalahoe,

I have the same model as yours (Asus K43SJ), currently with a i3-2310M processor.  I'm planning to upgrade to i7-2670QM or i7-2760QM. 

Which of the two would you recommend?
None of these two. Reread this topic attentively.

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