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hai,i'm a new member of this forum Smile
i've just purchased a new laptop (ASUS G50Vt). is there any possibilities to mod the bios,so i can do some overclocking settings from bios...?
some overclocking settings that i want are changing fsb,divider of memory,vcore,vdimm,etc

is there someone that can help me to mod BIOS 0213 of ASUS G50Vt?

thanks for the help n sorry for my bad english Wink
Hi Mate

No sorry , there are no options hidden in this bios.

Also , i wouldnt recommend overclocking a laptop anyway , due to the icrease in the heat produced , you might end up melting it!
www find
ah,too bad,i thought there are hidden options in that BIOS
thanks anyway,mate Smile
Yeah its alright mate , generally laptop bioses have the features removed where as desktops tend to just have them hidden
www find

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