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BIOS mod gone wrong
Hello! I'm very new to BIOS modding, and I'm really stupid for not doing enough research...I initially wanted to update my old laptop and give it to my parents for Christmas, but I found out that the wireless card was not functioning properly, so I said "what the [censored]" and bought a new one (Intel 3160). I installed it and was then greeted with the wonderful "Wireless module not supported (704)" error. So I went to searching on how to get around the whitelist, I came across a few posts here and saw that many people have been helped by you guys, so I browse around and find the repository ( and compare the files listed with known BIOS installation files on HP's website, I found a match (sp55375), downloaded and installed it on my laptop.

Now it won't boot and the CAPS lock light turns on for a second, off for a second, on for a second, off for two seconds. From this support forum ( that tells me that there is a BIOS error. That is where I am now.

Attached is a picture of the BIOS before I did any flashing.

The model for my laptop is an HP Pavilion dv6t-6c00 CTO Quad Edition. The most recently installed BIOS version that worked was version F.1C found here (

I really hope that someone will be able to help me out with this.

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I know this is old but i wanted to ask you of you have any Modded bios for this specific laptop. I want to see if i can disable the built in Intel Video card
and just use the AMD card and also enable booting from USB 3.0 Renesas Controller.  Did you ever recovered?

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