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BIOS unlock & SLICslic 2.1 and ( UNLOCKED BIOS FOR ACER ASPIRE 7520 & 7220 & 5520 )
The Bios Unlock and SLIC 2.1 did NOT work on my ACER ASPIRE 7520. The hidden menu's unlocked, but SLIC 2.1 did not. I have tried several times. The SLIC 2.0 to SLIC 2.1 Upgrade worked, but I lost my unlocked hidden menus


(01-04-2012, 08:34 AM)AHMED HOSSAM Wrote: As you told me in PM that the mod worked well , i will move it to unlocked section .
I will post instructions about slic today for you .
Thank you,
Thanks for confirming,

Moved to unlocked /mod

Is this one useable on every 5520G ?
Or shall post my Tables to?

(12-29-2011, 04:45 PM)AHMED HOSSAM Wrote: I`m so sorry for my late response , my final exams has started and i was preparing for it before it begins .
However i`m so busy in my exams but i have found some time for your bios Smile
Here is your modified bios :-
Unlocked all hidden options & Added SLIC2.1 .
You will find the Certificate inside the attached file .

This BIOS is only valid for ACER 7520 , 5520 and 7220 .
I will change the thread name for adding 7520 & 7220 .

Try it and i`m waiting your reply .
Does not work. Does not run.
Works like a charm on an Aspire 5520G Ahmed with instructions from: You know if there's any pages to be unlocked that enable configuring the memory speed/timings? My memory is running slower than it should, probably not detected well.

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