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Bios ram table mod
I tested all FSB:Ram ratios 1:2 same don't like pass 1000 and yesterday 1:2 and before 1:1. This is old system I'm scared to push it so much everyday.
I used this spd but just on 1stick. And like you can see tRFC stucked at max what can set in bios-78. I think that those timings not help at all or so small that hard to see difference what make difference in stability is increase voltages on MCH and vdim (here dont need much). Before i set timings in bios 6-10-10-32-78-15-15-15 at 2.3v MCH 1.45v and cant even load windows at 1030mhz.
Even if i could stabilize this or even 1066Mhz but with so high voltages is useless becouse on ram +0,5v in bios i can give 1.9v on MCH but its too hot and so high vs standard 1.25v so far max i tried 1.6 and didn't help, increasing ICH 1.05v to 1.26v and ICHIO 1.5v>1.61v.
With spd i back to standard but maybe whole spd from ocz would help maybe there is more differences what we can't see.

There was 1 more old beta bios what i can't find 12.b03 but for sure would be same. What i remember on original bios what i had no11 even with 2x1GB on ratio 1:1.5 i cant pass 1000Mhz later they fixed it.
Show me Everest/AIDA info and CPU-z window at same time, from that single stick you put SPD on, want to verify it flashed in properly.

There is no differences you can't see, there's not enough bytes in a SPD for hidden stuff, it's all right there only 256bytes
I'm sure you can find OCZ SPD you want to try, probably on i4memory forum
WHen i said other timings i had those in mind check screen. I wonder if i change them a bit higher if this boot:
[Image: 2nd-timings.jpg]
Some sticks have them a bit higher by 3-5 points.
And what i see problem can be tREF at high fsb board set it low to FSB:Ram ratio 1:1= 2600T max what i saw FSB:Ram ratio 1:1.2=3120T when many asus boards have over 16000T.
And i saw some EPP timing for 1066 Mhz what was over 4000T. Only i don't know how change this is this in spd or just bios of board ?
Here some screen shot.
[Image: ost-timingi.jpg]
Max on ratio 1:1.2 can go up to 422FSB with even standard auto timings just 6-6-6-18 with just 1.8v this gives just 1012mhz on ram at FSB 424 starting errors even high voltages doesn't help even highest timings possible dosn't help too. AT ratio 1:1 FSB 450 ram 900 can run timings 5-4-4-13 tRFC 44 at 1.8vdim. Problems starting at 456/912 even timings 6-6-6-18 dosn't help... with lucky can push maybe 460-462 but at very high voltages on all parts.
Can you run 456 FSB with single stick and no issues, or even all memory, but ram set to lowest speed? If not, then you know CPU or MCH can't handle that FSB

tREF you can set in SPD I think, I'll have to look, but this one is backwards from other timings, it's measured in time (microseconds), how often to refresh
higher = tighter/better performance/less stable
Lower = looser/more stable

Nope, I think that is handled by BIOS only, you don't have this option in BIOS either do you? Sad

Performance level at 8-10 is plenty loose enough for this, shouldn't be an issue, especially 10
8 is kind of loose, so you know 10 is plenty, 5-7 is were it can cause an issue when pushing speeds or other timings tight
PL and tREF i don't have in bios it's automatic settings. At 456FSB ram can be 1:1 when is all 8GB like i said before timings 5-4-4-13-44 maybe can push lower and volts 1.8.
I have second pc same cpu and mainboard just with 2x2+2x1 OCZ rams there can easy go on FSB 466 100% stable but same problems with ram only 1:1 and OCZ ram needs 1.925v and timings 5-5-5-18. At this FSB cpu is 4.2Ghz what is good for quad and x38 chipset just this ram can't pass over 1000Mhz. On every ratio same problem with ram 1000-1015Mhz max some can't be even stable at 1000 just around 990Mhz. So it must be bios because 2 different ram setups same problem.

About tREF there is something like refresh rate in spd and it's 7,8uS but i don't know if can change this.
Same CPU and motherboard means nothing, it's not this CPU or motherboard, all CPU board MCH are different.

4.2Ghz on 65NM quad is VERY HIGH clock, I'm not surprised it's unstable, even with 1GB memory you're lucky that would be stable for much.

tREF - that is it, what you mentioned, it's at 0x0c in the SPD (82 in the Kingston SPD you sent me), you can only go one lower (Higher value), 3.9 (Setting 81)
Try that and see how high it shows up as in windows.
You bad understand cpu is on both pc q9650 =45NM and same mainboard abit ix38 quad gt. 4.2Ghz is full stable with 2x1+2x2 OCZ platinum memory with ratio 1:1 FSB. Look:
[Image: aida-4-2.jpg]
And i know that all is a bit different 1cpu can clock better than other etc. But both have same problem with ram 1000+Mhz even when second pc have 2x2+2x1 OCZ memorry.
I had 3 abits ix38 and all 3 can't pass 1000Mhz.
Sorry for my confusion, they're all so old is all I meant really / in general. Quad 9650 at 4Ghz or above is still really high too, same as I meant, just less hot than the 65nm is all, but very high clock for that quad and a X38 board.

That image shows memory/system bandwidth only, nothing to do with stability. Maybe just this board, or X38 in general, isn't going to handle all that memory you want to run at those high speeds, not enough proper settings. Best you can do is run slower memory speed, or get new board, it's time anyway X38 is ancient and was outdated upon release by X48 within a month,

Did you try tREF 3.9 (81h) yet in SPD?
No I am a bit scared to try it. If can't boot how i flash back spd? I will try get cheap stick of ram for tests. But i saw different bioses of gigabyte on P45 there can set tRC, tREF and few other settings. I know its very old setup but I don't play much a bit WOT or GTA5 which work enough good for me.
For sure this ram isn't great but for me this is bios fault, because its look like don't have settings for so many ram or just 2x1 is easier to clock. Like i said cl4 can't pass 800Mhz same like CL6 can't pass 1000. And this can see because tREF changing only up to 800+Mhz after this just stay at 3120T and i know theoretical higher number less stability on this timing but maybe when is too low is same bad. It's like they didn't add support for fsb 400 too. Chipset x38 and x48 are same just bios is different plus chip maybe better clocking on fsb.
This bios from x48 with ddr3 has vdim 1.3-2v so maybe ddr2 would work on it all other timings look same just CL is up to 11.
And on this screen with ram timings above you can see someone runing 8GB at 1066 on P35 chipset PL4 when here board setting it 10 at ratio 1:1.2 and 11 on 1:1 what should be easier for stability and still sux.
If it fails to boot with SPD changes, put in a different memory stick and then reflash the SPD. Only the failed one wont boot, you can still write it's SPD>

Gigabyte P45 is not your board/BIOS, obviously it's several series newer than X38 and different brand, so will have more options anyway just due to being P45

tREF is not one of the settings holding you back I assume, it may hurt performance some but not generally stability, it's more about the others we've been discussing.

YOu can't compare your board and other boards with P35 either, different chipset and may have other options available to user or may have better set/auto memory timings user can't even see too.

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