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Broken Insyde-Bios Acer Aspire 4820TG
Ladies & gentlemen,

I interrupted a BIOS update and probably destroyed my Insyde BIOS. So I tried to do a BIOS recovery with different tutorials (for example, but it did not work.

Model: AS4820TG
Product Name: Acer Aspire 4820TG-434G50Mn

I have performed the following steps:

1. I got the correct BIOS file from the Acer website (
2. I unzipped, came out the following files: \ DOS \ ZQ1_115.exe \ Windows \ ZQ1_115W.exe
3. I unzipped the ZQ1_115W.exe, came out the following files:
xerces c_2_7.dll
4. I formatted a 2GB USB stick with FAT.
5. I copied the file ZQ1x64.fd to the USB stick.
6. I have removed AC and the battery pack.
7. I connected the USB stick to the laptop.
8. I pressed FN + ESC and did not let go.
9. I have connected AC to the laptop.
10. I pressed the power button.
11. After 15 seconds the USB stick started to light up and I released FN + ESC.
12. The fan got louder. No beep. The screen switched between two blacks. The USB stick changes regularly between: 10-20 seconds light up, 3 - 4 times short flash, no light, 10-20 seconds light up...  ...and so on.
13. I wait 10-30 minutes but nothing happens.
14. I turn off the laptop, remove the USB stick and turn on the laptop again.
15. I still do not get any output on the screen.

Have I made some mistakes? Or should I try another file? Or is there another solution without remove the chip?
I already tried every BIOS-file from the Acer homepage (v1.13-v1.25) and also a working and tested file from notebookreview. I also tried with ‘Windows’ key and the ‘B’ key. And i also used another USB Sticks.
Sorry for my poor English.

I dont have money for new hardware so i would be glad if someone can help me with this issue, very very thank you.  Smile

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