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Change Logo Aptio Setup Utility 2021 (ROM Layout mismatch detected) Problem
Huh Good afternoon, Lords of great wisdom. My problem is the following: I bought a Chinese laptop with GN117_MB_V31-T board. (Aptio Setup Utility 2021) (There is no info for that board). And I want to change the logo of the bios. I have used Aptio_V Afuwin to do the bios Backup, then I change the logo with AMI ChangeLogo Tool v5.0.0.2 and everything seems perfect. But when you restart the new logo appears ok. But it automatically enters the bios, appearing a new option RECOVERY, ROM LAYOUT MISMATCH DETECTED - PARTIAL UPDATE IS NOT ALLOWED. If I give ESC it enters windows without problem but always enters the BIOS first, how can I solve that problem. Thank you very much for your help.

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