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Clevo P650HS accidental brickage from wrong BIOS
Hi everyone,

I made a huge mistake today when flashing the BIOS on my Clevo P650HS laptop. I recently installed an NVME SSD and seemingly had compatibility issues with it. After trying everything I could think of I decided to flash to a newer BIOS, but screwed things up massively when accidentally flashing another Clevo models BIOS instead of the P650HS. I stared in horror as it flashed and I realised it was the wrong one...

Now the laptop doesn't respond at all when I start it, understandably. I have tried disconnecting the battery and CMOS battery.

I am by no means knowledgeable on the functioning of BIOS, but have flashed many times before, but had a monumental brain bork.

Is it possible for me to recover my laptop? Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

Thanks in advance

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