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Comaring two bios updates from a manufacturer
Hello Guys,

recently I have tried to figure out the difference between two bios updates from ASUS. I've tried to compare them on a few ways but non of them were effective. Basically I want to know whas has changed, as on the website It's written only "Update thermal policy" and I have my suspictions.

I tried to use hex editor and winmerge, but from that I could only assume - okay - quite a lot has changed.
I Opened both files in separate AMIBCP v4.53 instances, and after about one hour of comparing, going line by line, I just found one difference which was the description of an update version.

And here is my question, Is there any way I can compare it a little bit more accurate?

Some basic info:
OS: Win 10 64bit,
Bios updates: Asus N551JM v204 vs v205.

Thanks in advance!
If Bios is modules system, try compare each module from old and new version.

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