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Dead Acer Aspire 5542G (MS2277) Laptop - Recovery
Hi having a issue with my Acer laptop
Laptop was working.  Power it down and then restarted a week later with the following symptoms
  • Power light turns on
  • Blank Screen
  • Fan spins up then slows down

Was thinking it may be a bios issue.  Did some searching to fix and have creating a crisis boot usb with the the following steps

  1. Downloaded Acer bios, and Crisis  software (references a Lenovo Machine )
  2. Copied bios to BIOS.WPH
  3. Ran Crisis  to prep a 256MB USB stick
  4. Pulled battery, and unplugged A/C adapter
  5. Plugged in Crisis USB stick (tried all 4 USB ports with same results)
  6. Held down "FN + ESCAPE + power button"
  7. Plug in Power
  8. Still while holding "FN + ESCAPE" tapped power button
  9. Machine Powered on and power button light started blinked on/off.  Usb stick blinked once
  10. Nothing after this other that the power light keeps blanking on/off
So stuck at this point


  1. Should I be able to recover the bios (I read somewhere that I could only recover the bios if there was something displayed on screen)
  2. How do I confirm that I'm in bios recovery mode?  Is the power button flashing an indication that I'm in bios recover mode?
  3. I couldn't locate the Acer version of crisis.  Could this be a issue?
  4. I was expecting, if the crisis usb boot stick was working, that there would be a bit of USB activity (Other than the single flash I get).  Should the USB have activity for a bit at the start? 
  5. Has anyone successfully recovered a Acer Aspire 5542G?   Are any of my above steps incorrect? Got any pointers, or a download link for the acer crisis software (if the lenovo version is the issue

Thanks in advance for any assistance or insight!

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