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would like to know how to find and remove the bios chip in my laptop, and need my bios flashing so i can install a new bios.... or need to know how to erase the chip and reprograme it. please help asap, because my recovery dvds are not letting me recover my laptop till my bios is updated, but the bios update wont allow me to do it.....

Please can you describe your issue in more detail:-

Your recovery DVDs dont let you recover - Explain. Do they freeze? give an error message? Can you boot off them? How do you know thatyour bios HAS to be updated for recovery to work? Ive never heard of this before. Can you access the BIOS? Because generally if you can get into the bios then your BIOS is alright - its only when you cant boot to windows or enter the BIOS that you probably need a reflash.

Bios Update wont allow you to flash bios - Please explain further , are you trying the update from within Windows or through DOS.

Please also post what operating system you are currently running and your current BIOS version.

www find

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