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Thank you a million will be on it tonight.
Anytime! Hopefully you don't have to spend 20+ hours on RAID rebuilds again!
(01-30-2019, 01:27 AM)Lost_N_BIOS Wrote: Anytime!  Hopefully you don't have to spend 20+ hours on RAID rebuilds again!
Seems all more or less the same as before, 1600 fsb for CPU is not recognised automaticly by MoBo.
X5482 is not properly recognised by BIOS, in Easy tune it shows 6x and does not show recognition for 400 base frequency.
When I try to do some modification to get more than 1333 on memory the MoBo blocks itself and can not load default/optimised default to
start over.
On E5450 all goes OK and if MoBo can not load Easy Tune it resets to default and starts and makes possible to adjust BIOS to bareable values.
The mem voltage Auto and Normal shows far too high value. 1.7+ and 1.6+ volt... it looks more like for DDR2 instead DDR3.
X5482 turns very hot during even only BIOS boot up to 80 deg C.
I start to think this project is failed, and if it is worth to try X5470 at 333 for another 40€...
? I will google the mobo with 1600  fsb will post some info later.

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