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HP BOSTON MS-7525 Xeon MOD Success
(07-06-2018, 01:57 AM)hyshamecho Wrote: I just upgraded my core2 duo e7400 to xeon e5450 on the ms 7525v1....flashed the bios everything works..sometime i play games and it xeon e5450 support window 10? or better with window 7...what you guys prefer?please help

(07-06-2018, 09:08 PM)hyshamecho Wrote: I have flashed the mod but using old cpu, because when i use xeom it stucked after boot ,after i flashed the mod i go into window and shut down then power off and change to xeon cpu and it read my xeon e5450 as 2.0ghz, do i need update the bios or something? Driver?or the adapter is broken?

Your CPU may be partially incompatible with this motherboard: according to the Service Manual you can find around the net, it supports 
processors with FSB 533/800/1066 (although the G31 chipset specs allows FSB 1333) and with a TDP of 65W (I suspect a 
VRM or thermal problem here due to the type of motherboard).
On HP website, Core2Quad or E8600 aren't listed (in fact they've higher TDP and/or FSB).

A Xeon E5450 has a FSB 1333 and TDP of 80W, so I wouldn't be surprised if it keeps crashing under heavy loads.

However I don't know if:
  • the BIOS itself already provides full support for FSB 1333. Other users say their CPU are recognized without problems, but looking at
    the CPU-Z screenshots posted in this thread I always see a Core Speed of 2000Mhz, so my fear is that the mobo is bottlenecking it...
  • your problem is linked to an higher power consumption the motherboard can not support (80 vs 65W)
In first case, the safe way would be using CPUs with FSB 1066, in the second CPUs with a TDP under 65W. Both could also be true (1066+<65W).
Please confirm or correct me about these observations if you find any error  Tongue

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