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HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) 5.27 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
(09-21-2010, 03:57 PM)TheWiz Wrote: This was the testing done by MrTangoWwhisky and he did get the Phenom I 91xx series working so I asked him to check in on this. This was his list.

All the problems I got was the measured TDP-limit of 103 W, in reality it even not gets the 95 W TDP needed for some newer 45nm-AMD-procs. The highest long-time TDP is about 80 W. Think about: Your OS must be able to load the cool'n'quiet-driver to lower the speed/consumption before the PC crashes down and reboots.
At the moment it works fine, fast and stable with an AMD Phenom (I) X4 9500 @ 2400MHz with 72 measured Watts!!!
Here is a list of procs, i tested:
Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (stock installed in Acer Aspire E380 wich was the former source of this board for me!)
Athlon II X2 245 (fast!!)
Athlon II X4 605e (no TDP-Prob, just not really fast!)
Phenom X4 9100 (fast, but not to and not so easy to get one!)
Phenom X4 9500 (the old 65 W TDP-one, really fast!!!)
Phenom X4 9750 Black Edition (slow 'cause of TDP!)
Phenom II X4 925 (no TDP-Prob, just not really fast!)
Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition (slow 'cause of TDP!)

Once he posts well have a better answer, I'll also try to update the CPU AGESA support. He also reported athlon II working and others haven't had luck so hopefully we will get a solution Smile


So... I'll buy a Athlon II X2 245 - ADX245OCGQBOX.
Because the 9500 i found only at 95w.. Sad

Actually mine is Athlon X2 2300 BE, stock and come with HP Pavilion a6140br(Brazil). Very slow and old...

Thanks TheWiz.

I'll report the experience after upgrade... in october only Sad
Side note from me: I once had to modifiy/repair my board because of 2 "plopped" capacitors and I replaced with stronger ones, so this maybe a problem for all of you. But the phenoms (No matter wich one, just below 80W) should work! the 9500 isn't produced in it's 65W-Version anymore so you have to look for another piece of technique... Wink

Sometimes you just have to try to be sure it is not working...
[Image: logo.png]
I am back in here as I promised! Big Grin So tell me your needs!
So why wouldn't his 9150e post?
www find
I am as dumb as a box of rocks when it come to this overclocking. But i think you gave instruction good enough for me to understand.
I have a Compaq Presario SR5110NX with AMD Athlon 64 running at 2.4GHZ with 2gigs ram (DDR2 SDRAM PC2-5300)
the BIOS (updated to 5.27) will not let me overclock. I have MCP61PM-HM as a motherboard
i want to overclock it to at least 2.7GHZ not very much i thinnk.
Has any one tried this method with these specs, and did it work, and does any have advice for me.
THX to all concerned in advance TIM H.
Quite confused, have you completed all the instructions on the first page?

To other users: New beta in testing to add CPU support, stay tuned Big Grin

www find
(09-23-2010, 09:32 AM)TheWiz Wrote: Quite confused, have you completed all the instructions on the first page?

To other users: New beta in testing to add CPU support, stay tuned Big Grin


No not yet. I was trying to see if some one has a similar cpu and and how updating went for them. I am new at this and i was trying to get as much info as possible so as to prevent damaging my system.
tim h
Well following the instructions exactly on the first page will guarantee overclocing abilities, we are trying to roll out a beta for more cpu support.
www find
Update: Tested the new beta BIOS and while it posted i couldn't boot Wwindows. MrTango please confirm this.

URGENT: To keep your PC running cooly and the fans happy, please enable PMU under the advanced chipset menu. This helps the fans regulate correctly.

www find
More news: These drivers are for windows 7 64bit and resolve any coproccessor issues being reported.

www find
(09-23-2010, 07:45 PM)TheWiz Wrote: More news: These drivers are for windows 7 64bit and resolve any coproccessor issues being reported.


Thanks for driver!

My new Athlon II X2 245 is coming! Big Grin
Arrives in Sep. 27. Finally i will run new games in full speed...

Seeya Nettle2 owners! Cool


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