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HP Touchsmart 310-1260uk Serial Number Missing after BIOS dump
Hi, i'm fairly new to BIOS modding and i'd like to know if the splash screen can be changed into something more visually appealing, i have a voltage modded ch341a that i have made a bios backup with.
I need to know the original dimensions of the original splash screen so i can resize it accordingly, that would mean also obtaining the original bios picture.
If anyone could help me in the right direction, either here or in email

Attached Files
.bin   ARO606.BIN (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 8)
(05-07-2022, 03:56 PM)zxvdblm Wrote: I need to know the original dimensions of the original splash screen
It's a Compaq logo 640x480.
Would i be able to make my own splash screen and have someone replace it? 
Like the image attached

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
(05-08-2022, 12:37 AM)zxvdblm Wrote: Would i be able to make my own splash screen and have someone replace it?
"OEMLogo" customized with MMTool.
The ROM file in the archive is your modified backup, so the serial data will not be lost if you use ch341a.
Thank you, ill attempt to flash this, losing the serial number was one of my main concerns aswell.

Flashed the mod, my previous attempts of doing it myself kinda got in the way and now i don't have any of that information, therefore the custom logo doesnt show to begin with, just a DOS style ami diagnostics screen on every boot.
I might aswell start a different thread as my DMI is all messed up to begin with. (Where would i go on about that?, not sure where to actually put said thread, i need help so someone can rewrite these values for me.)
So it's a logo change request that doesn't even show up, in the first place...
I need someone to rewrite the Serial Number DMI/ values and such, I can't attach the original  BIOS exe for the 1260uk as there's too many attachments.
and the BIOS dump with the modified splash screen, which i need the serial number to be inserted into. 

There's more than just the serial number missing (chassis no. etc) so i'm hoping someone can help.

I have also attached the stickers on the back of the Computer and on the Bottom, as i've heard these can be used for this. aswell as the text versions.


HP Touch Smart 310 PC
Serial No. CZC1434S6R
Product No. LN538EA#ABU
Model No. 310-1260uk

Chassis No:638530-ZH2
Serial No: 4CS1340JVH
Chassis CT No: LCDDR01MH1F3BD


FeatureByte=2V33 3D3K 3N3Q 3R3U 3v3X 3b46 4f4h 5Q5c 5x66 676] 6S6b 7B7K 7N7R 757W 7j7t 82 .hQ


Because these are all missing, the custom BIOS logo doesnt even appear. even if i try to flash the original BIOS, all the info's gone, hoping someone with more experience in messing around with the AMI bios can do this for me.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.rom   ARO606(logo modded and no serial).ROM (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 0)
(05-08-2022, 02:30 PM)zxvdblm Wrote: Because these are all missing, the custom BIOS logo doesnt even appear
So, you're convinced that while the DMI block is empty, the diagnostic screen overrides the display of the logo?

I could insert the data, but I have not enough experience and therefore I need some reference. It should be an AMI BIOS dump version 5 or 6, but I can't find any in the public domain. Looks like I'll have to spend a couple of dollars.
I'm convinced, the diagnostic screen appears even if you choose to disable it in the BIOS. In Windows 7, if i open msinfo32, the system manufacturer reads as "HPQOEM" and the model reads as "SLIC-CPC", due to the missing info, also causing windows to not be activated anymore probably due to another missing value

(05-08-2022, 11:35 AM)Maxinator500 Wrote: So it's a logo change request that doesn't even show up, in the first place...

TBF, I thought if someone else modified the dump who actually knew how to use the AMI tool's it'd actually work, but then i realised it's probably all the DMI stuff that's the problem

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
(05-08-2022, 03:09 PM)zxvdblm Wrote: the model reads as "SLIC-CPC"
I have a question for you. How did you install my mod? Using SPI programmer?
It turned out that MMTool clears the padding areas. That empty space between BIOS modules. And there those serial numbers are stored. As soon as I examine your original bios backup, I found all the data in it! Anyways, the AFUWIN program should have flashed new BIOS with preservation of serials. So confusing. Now I want to find out what sequence of events led to the current situation in order not to make things worse.

I apologize for my amateurish statement from the 4th post that everything will be all right. Actually, that's I screwed up with MMTool.

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