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Help unlocking FSB on conroe865pe
Currently working on an OC bios for conroe865pe, so far I've been able to successfully add cpu microcode using mmtool, and I can look at the bios options and unlock hidden options using AMIBCP. However I've yet to find a way to unlock the limit on what FSB you can set. Currently it only allows you to set between 66-300 in bios, which it does 300 fsb easily. Would like to change the range on this setting so that it can be set up to at least 400 (this chipset has never been recorded to run above 350 so should be sufficient) however I'm not sure where to start. Could someone point me towards a program to adjust the range of this setting? AMIBCP seems to be mostly centered around what text is displayed in the bios without allowing to adjust the settings that it actually ties back to.

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