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How can I know whether the BIOS is RSA signed or not if Windows is not starting?
Stuck in a bootloop. Heard the solution out of it is by changing sata mode in BIOS from AHCI to IDE. My BIOS's advanced setting is hidden. I want to flash the BIOS to unlock the advanced setting. But there is a possibility that the BIOS will brick if it's RSA is signed (or at least that's what Camiloml's post says). I need to find out whether it is or not before attempting to flash.

I have...

- WinPE
- Xubuntu Live USB
- Windows installation disk.

... If it can be done through any of them.


Laptop: HP DV6-3042ee

Product #: WR765EA#ABV

BIOS: Insydeh20 / Rev. 3.5 / F.29

Serial #: CNF02323PZ

UUID #: 434E4630 - 3233 - 3233 - 505A - C8QAA9BA91A2

Product configuration ID: 049E100000243110000020000

Factory installed OS: Win 7

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