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Hp G62 a20EH XC211EA or XC209EA. Which mod. bios vers to use?

I have Hp G62 laptop, and I would like use another wifi card. I tried several kinds of bios mod but each had some problem and I can no longer adjust which bios version is suitable for this laptop.

Under the battery cover, write the model number XC211EA but bios system information show XC209EA (True, it still has a modified bios on it)

The main problem is that the cpu fan is not handled properly by the bios. Either it goes at max speed independent of the temperature of the cpu, or it goes at a constant low speed regardless of the utilization of the cpu, so that in the long run it reaches 100C when used at 100%. Max revolution 80C. So I would need a moddol bios that handles the cpu fan speed correctly and does not check the inserted wifi card.

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Is your BIOS SP55430?
gabiz_ro Wrote:Here
But is old version.UEFI boot not working.

Quote:In time I did some work and enabled UEFI boot , SD card boot and switchable graphics.But switchable graphics require some hardware mod in some revision of board or you loose backlight.

But I must remove all cpu microcode,from bios,except for one I'm using.
So there is need to replace that one with microcode for your cpu.
If you are interested I will upload it soon.
I am interested in the mentioned bios mod, on which the uefi boot also works. My board id 143A, and i use Intel Core I5 M540 cpu.

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