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I am new and would like to ask a few questions
I have a pretty weird motherboard. I want to get into bios modding but I have no idea what I am looking at most of the time. I have a few questions.
Here are my questions:
1. Are bioses somewhat universal or are they motherboard specific?
2. I have such a weird motherboard that I am not sure if there will be a modded bios for it (probably not). Are there any other alternatives if there aren't any modded bioses?
3. If I have a motherboard that has an American Megatrends bios on it can I install any AMI bios?

4. Is there a place that you would recommend for learning about bioses?

If you are wondering what my PC specs are then here you go:

Motherboard - Pegatron IPM17-dd
PSU - EVGA 600W Bronze 80+
CPU - I7 6700
GPU - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050TI
RAM - 16GB DDR3L - 1600 PC3L - 12800 MB/s

Drives - 1. (128GB SSD) Lite-On LCS-128GB 6Gbps SATA
            2. (2TB HDD) Western Digital 5400RPM SATA
            3. (300GB HDD) Western Digital SATA
            4. (4TB HDD) Western Digital USB

This computer is a modified HP Envy 750-177c. If you look this PC up on HP's website it will say it has a IPM17-dd Odense motherboard which isn't the one I have. Mine is green and doesn't have an M.2, not sure if it matters.

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