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IBM ThinkCenter M81 Whitelist removal request.
I was directed here by another forum for my request.

I am trying to remove the whitelist from my BIOS to allow any GPU to be used. Currently I am unable to use a GTX 260 in it.

-Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : IBM Lenovo M81 Desktop (ThinkCentre)
-Bios Revision : 9HKT54A OR Firmware ID 1AOQI013
-Bios Type : American Megatrends
-Bios SLIC : 
-Bios Link :
-Rw-everything report:

Thank you for the help!!!!
Not sure this is the right thread or not??

Any way:

There is an Annoying white list on some Thinkcenter bioses (m81, m91, m91p, E30) all seem to use the exact same bios.
And so all have this stupid white list..

Seems to really favour NVIDIA cards, (although older ones like the 260 probably wont work either)

But 90% of amd cards just will not work.
the sytem wont even post or error beep if a 270x is installed (thats the card im trying to use)
but i see anything newer than a 6xxx does not post.

Its a ridiculous issue really. theres no reason for this whitlelist to be in the bios at all..

As far as i can tel its an ami bios. but gets reported as "lenovo" "9HKT58AUS" in cpu-z

i can open the rom file with AMIBCP
but i cant see anything that i think is the whitelist. in there..

I also dont know if just deleting a whitelist if i can find the thing will mean that All cards will work, or if it will mean No cards will work.

So any help would be great.
Either edit the bios for me or let me know what i should be looking for to edit it my self. i would be happy either way.
And if all i need to do is add a hardware id to the white list or something??

i cannot add the latest bios file here as it says its to large "less than 2mb though".
but here it is on the web site:


i found:
0x02E4 "detect non-compliance device"
0x02E5 "Detect non-compliance PCI Express Device in PEG"

Which are both under the PEG section..

i still cannot find where the compliant device list is, and im not sure i can just delete these strings that i found and then it would just work??

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