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[REQUEST] Lenovo ThinkCentre M81 & M91p and ThinkStation E30 (9HKTxxA) Whitelist Removal
Hi i found it easier to get my GPU's device id changed in the GPU bios.
there are 2 device id's in the bios one is in the old style bios section the other seems to be in the EFI section.
if you change the one in the old style bios section (non efi) then the motherboard detects that and says ok (i used a 7870 device id which works on the most up to date bios for the m91p)
after getting in to windows GPUZ and windows (atleast windows 7) get the device id from the EFI section. and the card is detected as the correct card in windows..

if you google Flash 270x with 7870 bios (or something similar) you should find the thread with the process in it.

I have a lenovo ThinkCentre M91p and I would like to have my BIOS GPU whitelist removed. The reason is that I can not use my AMD rx 570 graphic card.

I attached the latest BIOS (wich I already installed)

Thanks in advance.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 2.16 MB / Downloads: 17)
Hi, I'm a new user here and I need help with something, I have a Lenovo Thinkstation E30 Desktop that I want to upgrade the Graphics card in,
the card in specific is an AMD Radeon 7570 GPU. The problem is there is a white list in the BIOS that prohibits most if not all AMD GPU's from working with the motherboard. I was wondering if one of you could remove the white list or help me remove the white list from the Thinkstation BIOS so all video cards are compatible with the system. Sorry for asking for help but the way Lenovo sets up their BIOS'es is just utter garbage and it's confusing :/

BIOS Download from official Lenovo website:

Desktop Make: Lenovo
Model: Thinkstation E30
CPU: Intel Core i3 2120
Bios Version: 9HKT58AUS (Unknown version number, BIOS was made on 6/10/2014)
Motherboard Type/Model: Unknown, CPU-Z and Speccy list it as a generic LENOVO Sandy Bridge Motherboard
Hi! I have the same issue with the rx480 8gb version. My Bios Version is 9HJY58USA, here's the download link:

it would be nice to have this card working Angel
I have an E30 trying to install a rx 570 graphics card. I'm thinking this is a whitelist issue. Any help provided would be appreciated very much
Hello, I really need  a gpu whitelist removal bios for my lenovo m91p, I want to make an R9 280x work with it, I read online that yo uneed a custom bios, I have no problem in paying a little if this is done, my current bios version is: 9HKT54A
bump~! please help ;/
(01-06-2017, 02:56 PM)Sml6397 Wrote: Hello Alienwolfdog & mardsis,

I am going to move this thread to the WiFi/WWAN Whitelist Removal forum so that it can get attention from our whitelist removers.


sorry admin, where is the BIOS file you modified? Thanks...
I have same problem in ATI 7450,please help!
Can someone provide me the bios with a modified gpu whitelist for the Lenovo m91p? My current bios version is 9HKT58AUS or 9HKT58A

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