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Insyde H20 hidden settings ???
10-31-2010, 01:07 PM,
Insyde H20 hidden settings ???
Hi everyone!

I´m new here and not the best at english so I hope I post this at the right location and that someone can help me spread some light on this aweful bios for me. Confused

I reacently bought my first laptop in many years and didn´t gather all the info like I should han been before purchase. I noticed that I have basicly no options at all in the bios which is so sad.

The laptop I bought is Acer Aspire 5741G - 354G50Mn and the info I can find in bios says: InsydeH20 Setup Utility Rev 3.5. I use the latest update 1.15.

I can only set boot option and sata mode in bios basicly and that´s it?
That is horrible and I feel really trapped, is it really supposed to be like this or can I somehowe unlock hidden settings for this bios?
Maybe I will never need all bios settings? But I really really do want them on principle (I did pay for the laptop) among other things.

I also I wonder why this specific laptop cannot utilise swichable graphics?
I mean is it something with the bios that is forbidding the laptop to swich between Nvidia GT320M an Intel IGP or is it pherhaps HW related and impossible to activate?

I saw in HWInfo32 it says Internal graphics is supported under cpu features so that made me wonder if pherhaps I could manage to activate swichable graphics? Rolleyes HWInfo32/SMBIOS/on board device says Intel video graphics controller is enabled to? I wish I understood these things better and knew what to make out of that, if there even is anything to make out of it??

I will never buy a Acer laptop ever again if this is what they do with the bios, but for now I´m stuck with this for minimun a year or two since my economy is not the best. Though I do want to upgrade it with time, have already given it an Vertex 2 120GB + fresh Win 7 Ultimate install, soon swap the i3 for a better CPU and maybe moore/better ram as well? Matte screen (1080p??) etc, etc, the list goes on and it´s fun to.

If anyone can help me with some answers regarding unlocking bios features anp pherhaps a solutiion to switchable graphics I would be moore greatul then I can ever express.


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12-27-2010, 07:23 PM,
RE: Insyde H20 hidden settings ???
It really pains me to see almost every post in RE: to insyde has not been responded to...I'm dying here! I don't even know what to do
12-28-2010, 02:32 PM,
RE: Insyde H20 hidden settings ???
Keep up searching for possibilities to mod/edit these crappy nappy Insyde-BIOSes as we also do!

Sometimes you just have to try to be sure it is not working...
[Image: logo.png]
I am back in here as I promised! Big Grin So tell me your needs!
12-29-2010, 04:03 PM,
RE: Insyde H20 hidden settings ???
(12-28-2010, 02:32 PM)MrTangoWhisky Wrote:  Keep up searching for possibilities to mod/edit these crappy nappy Insyde-BIOSes as we also do!

Yea, I'm staring at my own extractedBIOS file with absolutely no idea what to do with it.

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