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Laptop bricked hp mini 2140
Heya, first post and all

I accidently flashed this: on my hp laptop.
Needless to say it's now bricked. I tried doing what that thread suggests but I don't have a USB floppy on hand.
I'm trying to recover with the winkey + B but it's not responding with a usb pendrive.
What should I do?

edit: If someone has the base files from I'd like to have em
edit2: forgot to say, the winkey + B doesn't do ANYTHING, AT ALL. The usb pendrive is called HP_TOOLS with the bin file inside from here:
So I did the procedure the other guy at the link did with the floppy, and it no longer flashes the caps lock led.
Did I kill it?
Try to program bios chip with eeprom programmer but you need to take out bios chip.
I replaced the programmed bios chip with a pre-programmed new one.
Still the same
What kind of eeprom programmer would I need? spi?
Maybe you bought wrong bios chip, for another model of hp mini.

Try to find eeprom programmer on ebay. There is some simple programmers from $8.
I think that is all you will need. Smile
So I somehow managed to make it work by resoldering it.
Mind you this is the first time I've done any SMD soldering and and probably woke up the neighbers when it booted.
The owner of that bios repository should delete the newest version of the 2140 bios.
It bricks the laptop.

On a sidenote: is it possible to program bios chips with an arduino? It's SPI protocol right? So theoretically it would be possible.

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