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[My Real, Single, and ONLY Request] Acer Swift 5
Why are some of the moderators here so immature and unprofessional? I'm just trying to make a legitimate post and they were just rather block me then tell me what's wrong with it. Why would I pay money for a BIOS mod if you're going to treat me like that. If you actually read my message, you would see I already removed the other “duplicate” post. If you still have a problem with something, I suggest using some good customer service and talking about it ?.

Anyway, all I'm trying to do is disable the 20 second time-out of the backlit keyboard. I have tried every key combination imaginable and can't get into the advanced BIOS. Acer released BIOS updates for some models to add a toggle for the keyboard backlight timeout, but mine does not have the option. I want the backlight to stay on all the time the system is running.
Wondering if we can analyze changes between the before and after versions on the other models that had the feature added and port the change to this one. It seems like most Acer machines have Insyde BIOS, but this one is American Megatrends.
I would be very thankful. I am new to this. The official BIOS file from Acer is an EXE, so does that mean you need a dump to analyze?

I have analyzed the bios for your machine few days ago. I can't find any useful options for your request. Search keyword "Backlight" or "20 sec" in the extracted ifr ,but nothing got. Only found some useless options such as "Backlight Control" and "Backlight Brightness". So ,this is why i didn't reply to your thread because i know i don't have a solution.

And the best important thing is ,this bios can't be modified as it seems activate Bios Guard ,as long as we edit it then re-write to bios chip. The machine may not boot up and will get a black screen.

Here are extracted bios file and ifr file. You can check it via AMIBCP 5.

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Thank you, I really appreciate you looking for a solution.

If I use an SPI flasher will that allow me to bypass bios guard?

Edit: any chance we can analyze changes they made with the other models to add the toggle?

1. The same result even if you use a programmer.

2. We are not a bios engineer ,so we can't add options. We can only do is unlock exist hidden options. But your machine can't be modified as Bios Guard.

3.Due to the Bios Guard technology ,most of dell machine can't be edit bios.

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