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Phenom II support on EVGA 590 SLI
Looks like someone got them working good here, so i think im going to go for it
After reading everyone's experiences, i bought a phenom II x3 720BE C2 stepping, flashed with the slic bios, reset the cmos, and it booted with the processor recognized. Bios is misreporting memory and fsb, but cpu-z and windows report correctly, along with all cores showing. CNQ doesn't work(but PhenomMSRTweaker does). Cannot set multiplier in bios and I am having sleep and shutdown issues. Other than that, it rips. Way faster than the X2 5000BE that it replaced which I always ran at 3ghz. Thank you to all who did the research and gave great instructions, made the job easy. If you have any ideas on shutdown and sleep let me know!


Foxconn C51XEM2AA updated successfully!

at first it seemed nothing had changed. but then when I checked the boot order then i saw it was different.

also spotted some new settings such as:


and a few others. Bah stingy Foxconn. Anyhows thanks guys! when I get my next pay day, then donations for you!

Such a happy chappy!

now to steal the phenom off me mate who's not been using it for 5 months since he went i7. Man this speaks louder than words.
I've been running a X4 955 BE on my 590 sli for a few months now, the processor and flashed bios (681W1P36) work very well.
I'm having a strange issue with adding RAM and I know this is ''... but is anyone feeling helpful ?

I`m from Polish and my English is weak.
This will work on my Foxconn C51XEM2AA?

I from Poland[/color]
sorry to bring back an old thread but how would i go about flashing this to my C51XEM2AA without a floppy drive, i have tried with USB but it keeps freezing up on me
Hello everyone.

I know this is an old thread but Im just throwing this out there :-)

I have the EVGA NF59 board and I was running a Athlon X2 6000+.

Iv since flashed 612W2P36_Updated_Roms.bin as I picked up a Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition on the cheap. It works which is great and its a big step up from the X2 but as it is a Black Edition I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about unlocking the multiplier?

Overclocking just the bus I can get 3.4/3.5GHz but its temperamental.

All help greatly appreciated.
Old thread to ressurrect, but wanted to add my feedback.

I have a Foxconn C51XEM2AA (running an X2 5600+)and successfully installed p4spooky's BIOS from post #41, specifically


and using jasoninaz's DOS command+modifiers

awdflash 612W2P36_Updated_Roms_SLIC.BIN /CC /CD /CP /F /R /PY /SN

(though for me, in bare DOS the .BIN was shortened to "612W2P~1.BIN", or something similar, as expected).

First boot did not POST (scary!), so I unplugged the rig and held the power button to hopefully clear it (note that one of the options above is supposed to do this after the BIOS flash) and also held INSERT while booting (I know some boards will run defaults when you do this, not sure if mine does or not...).
Booted just perfect.

I then went about installing the new CPU, which was a huge pain in my case/setup (have to pull the board to remove the heatsink, and I noticed a couple blown capacitors that delayed the final installation even more...).

CPU is identified correctly as well all clock speeds including RAM. The CPU I put in it was a Phenom II 940 [BE]. Not sure what wattage it was... 95w or 125w... (Did the 940 even come in 95w?)

Not going to overclock any time soon, so I haven't tested the multiplier (which I assume is locked).

Thanks for everyone's hard work on this project. I have had this thread sitting at the very top of my favorites for over a year now, just waiting until I had the guts to do it (and the extra $$$!).


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