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Programming the BIOS chip externally
I've tried to search both google and here, and I'm sure the answers are out there but I don't know the correct search terms. A little help getting me on the right track would be appreciated.

My problem is that I have bought an Asus Q87M-E (for use as an ESXi host). I've been fighting the reseller for 6 months now sending the card back and forth, but the problem remain the same. The motherboard they supplied me had a BIOS version from 2013 (version 0408) which only supports CPU's that's hardly sold anymore. I have none of these, so updating it isn't viable. I've tried to get the reseller to do it without luck, it's safe to say I won't be purchasing anything from them again, the last e-mail I got from support was that from now on they wouldn't reply to my e-mails.

That leaves me with a brand new, non-working motherboard. My only other option than to suck it up is to file a lawsuit, which really isn't worth it (and the reseller knows that). The BIOS chip is in a socket, and from what I can find out it's a DIP8 chip. The only thing I can read of the chip is "Winbond". There is a number ther as well, but I can't read it even with 10x magnification - it has a very weak print.

I figure that what I have to do is to get a programmer and use that to flash the chip with a recent BIOS version. Preferrably USB, but I do have a Win 7 computer with a serial port as well. This is where I get lost. I've tried to figure out what hardware and software I need, but it's just left me in a confused state. I'd like for the programmer to be relatively cheap, as buying an expensive one to avoid wasting the motherboard doesn't make a lot of sense. I don't expect to experience this very often. At the same time, when I buy a programmer it would be nice if it could do a little bit more than program just that one chip.

There's loads of BIOS programmers available e.g. on e-bay, but very little details offered. On the electronics forums I've ended up at, there's too much details and for me unknown terms. Can anybody here give me a bump in the right direction, recommend a programmer or at least tell me what to search for?
CH341A, it costs about 10€/$. Plus, if the bios is non-socketed, a clip to connect on the chip/motherboard on one side and to the 341a.

this will allow you to read/write the content of the chip with no power to the motherboard/not having to remove the chip from the MB.
Have in mind that you can program any bios chip in another motherboard which has the same bios chip package by hot plugging the bios chip or you can buy a ready flashed bios from ebay.I would buy a second hand cpu thought and resell it after upgrading the bios.

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