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Project AM3 Ready ASUS
What do you mean by that? Is it availible anywhere?
Hi,im not understat where i can get this moded bios rom. I have ASUS M3A78-EHM-HDMI my old CPU is 4850e im upgraded to 240e . PC show everywhere ,unknown CPU,but everything looks O.K. To the point: What i must do or pay to get your moded bios where my new cpu 240e is suported corectly. SRY 4 MY ENG Smile THX 4 REPLY
@Tomas Marny Please start a new thread with your motherboard and attached current BIOS so we can upgrade it.
@Unr3aL and tkosen525 We're hoping to have a release soon.

www find
HI guys,

The new test BIOS is up on the AM3 site. I gotta clean it up and am having some URL issues, but it should be accessible via FTP to TEST ONLY.

This is for the M2N32-SLI-Deluxe

www find
Am I safe to flash it?
I mean, I have already f*ed up one BIOS-Chip and so I had to order a new one.
Is the only thing that can go wrong, that it doesn't recognize the CPU?

Please tell me a few things about the custom-BIOSes first, because it's the first time I'd use one.

Greetz, Unr3aL
Well if you have the two chips then you should be safe in that regard. I cannot give you a 100% confirmation on the fact it won't kill things, but the general rule with the M2N-SLI-DELUXE was that it always booted even if there were detection issues such as only seeing 128MB of RAM etc.

I'll try to post instructions when I return.
www find
Hi Unr3al, did you hotflash the other chip to get two working chips?
That is the way you can recover from a non booting chip.
Good luck
No, I ordered the second chip with a pre-flashed 5002 bios.
I don't have any equipment to hotflash anything.

The first time the BIOS was flashed it failed on verifying in EZ Flash and the result was, that I couldn't boot.
The computer shut off automatically 5 seconds after pressing the power button and didn't even try to post.

So please tell me if I am safe to flash this and if I can go back to an old bios if it doesn't work....

Greetz, Unr3aL
Before you can savely flash and recover from a bad flash or bios you need another good working bios chip.
Read this article for flashing your old chip so it will be a backup if things go wrong:
It is not a standard procedure, but it works if you dare.
It saved my motherboard.
I would advise you not to flash without the spare chip ready.
Every bios flash has a risk of it going wrong.

Greetings from Sopo
Is it possible to hotflash via an USB-Flashdrive?
Otherwise I'd have to put in my old FDD and buy a 3,5"-disk in order to hotflash.
In my opinion the USB-compatibility would be lost, if i removed the BIOS-Chip on a live-running mobo.
What are your data-storage-suggestions for hotflashing and what is the easiest and safest tool to build a bootdisk?

Greetz, Unr3aL

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