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Project AM3 Ready ASUS

It's just like flashing your onboard chip. Only after booting bios is not nesecary anymore and you can carefully change the bios chip.
Now you can flash another empty or wrongly flashed chip. With this chip you can boot after the flash has worked. So you have 2 working chips now.
You can do it either with usb or floppy or CD. Anything that boots to dos. Then you use the flashing utility to flash the bios. When in dos you can change the chip.
Building a bootdisk in windows? Formating a floppy as ms-dos startup disk.
Then use these files to make another medium bootable.
Remember, google is your best friend too in these matters!

Happy flashing

Any hope for a X6 1055T working on a M2N-MX SE Plus? If not, what about a 940/945? And would I have to update the bios in either of those cases? Thanks.
Welcome Jurgen. It's good to know you have a BIOS programmer (again). TheWiz doing everything possible to support AM3 for many M2N-Series motherboards from ASUS and the people who have the ability to recover the blows of the beta have a greater chance of "black-selection of the best. Your contributions and test will be appreciated by the hordes of people out there with advice M2N looking to upgrade to the latest offering from AMD.

Hello to everybody !

I just look in to ask a few naive questions Blush

I highly appreciate the work already done !

... but unfortunately it seems that there is little progress in adding support of "newer" CPU-types to the whole M2-Board range.

I thought it might be "easy" to do this for all the mainboards, once figured out the "howto" for one board - especially all the Asus M2-boards are very similar.

So in my case, i still use a few of these "ancient" boards in office-PCs.

There is the M2NPV-VM - which supports newer CPUs with Asus Beta-Bios,
and the nearly identical M2NBP-VM for which asus unfortunatly didn´t offered a new bios.

I understand that asus did a lot of changes to the prior bios-versions, and it takes a lot of time, knowledge - and the right tools, to understand what exactly they did.

But wouldn´t it be easier to "just" modify the beta-versions to fit the other boards with same chipset / onboard graphic ?

I never tried, but wondered if it might even be possible to do a "brute-force" cross-flashing ?

... so please keep on going !
I thought I might start by replacing the microcode first and maybe replacing the AGESA later if needed, but because the microcode is located elsewhere in the Sun, I'm not sure what to do now.


Longchamp Sac
Hi i tray make support for fx 9000 series in crosshair iv extreme 890fx but dont know how unlock cpu features in mm tool. Code can be taken from crosshair V formula 990fx i tnik not 2 sure new in this bios modes
Hi Guys, Trying to find the download Link for the Modded Bios for a Asus M2N MX SE PLUS to recognise a Phenom II 720 Black Edition...
0602 bios revision finds the correct speed , cache etc, but only 'AMD Unknown Processor' is naturally displayed...
The CPU works well, just can't display the correct Name...
Tires to update the microcode with MMtool, but no success...
hello i technically have an asus board although it is an hp oem hp M2N68-LA (narra 2) and i have 3 phenom x4 ii cpus to test 2 95 w cpus 840 and an 2.5ghz quad core deneb and an 125w 965be that i don't expect to work. it has the MCP61 chipset. i was trying to flash the abit bios but it keeps failing due to unknown flash type error just looking for an bios that will support one of those cpu's.
(04-15-2010, 03:08 PM)MrTangoWhisky Wrote: Last days evening, after chatting a little with Nick I had the chance to give an ASUS M2N-MX SE Plus ( ) a chance... My goodness, this was a piece of work for a highly trained professional with nerves of steel!!! Big Grin
The installed Athlon 64 X2 3800+ was burnt, so the extra grafixcard because the powersupply was giving, don't know why full power plus 50 percent! But everything else was OK! As the user, a friend of mine once had a terible accident "deflashing" the BIOS there was a socketed BIOS installed wich helped me a lot.
I took an image of the existing BIOS (0503 with support as shown here: ), added the AGESA of the latest nettle2 and the microcode Nick provided in the M2N-XE-BIOS 1802 so kindly. Though I tried to flash it with floppy, USB and CD bootmedium and it didn't work, the flash ended up in a hangup. Then I tried flashing with the external flasher and it did not work, the PC did not start. Then I checked the BIOS file again and it was OK!! Now I gave the hard way a try, booting with a completely new spare BIOS into DOS, pulling out the chip, replacing with the to be flashed chip and flashing the edited BIOS. The PC did it! BUT (!I've done these steps after almost 6 hours of testing!) I had to reset the PC without switching power off and then imidiately setting the CLR_CMOS jumper before it worked as it should! I installed a Phenom X3 705e and it works! Next step is to reactivate the 4th core but this another story...
I will upload the BIOS (The original is here: or you take the atached one) as soon as possible to let someone give it a try for OC and logos, but I can't get access to the PC without taking a ride for 200km and it is to far... Wink
Greetz and good luck for all others

Hello. Some one try to load this bios into motherboard ? its work ?
it stock or it modify ?

and how change agesa on ami bios ?

upd i check hex of this bios it`s full stock
Hello! I have an M2N-MX SE Plus, an external programmer and a couple of 1MB chips for a try. I know its a veryyyy old thread, but i´m starting to reprogram with the usb programmer and it´s a very interesting matter and very useful for bring back to life a couple of motherboards. (Sorry if my grammar have some errors, English it´s not my native language).

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