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[REQUEST] ASRock Z77 Pro3 Unlock
Hello guys!

This mobo has hidden settings under "OC Tweaker" and "Advanced" tabs that i would like to use.

Is it possible/not too complicated to unlock all under those menus?

I think you could take a attempt to edit the bios via amibcp(v4.xx) by thyself. You only need to set it to user under Access/Use column if this option is hidden in the bios. After save the changes on amibcp then you could test re-flash it.

Good luck!

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That was exactly what i used to see the hidden settings (i used amibcp 4.53).

The thing is, i was not exactly sure how the program works. Going by your reply, it seems simple (i thought that after editing the access/use we needed other programs in order to flash the BIOS again.

Could i risk bricking the mobo just by doing those steps?
Wanna take precautions, if needed, as this is the only machine i have access at the moment.

Thank you
Amibcp is a ami official tool ,you don't need to know how it works. Use it to edit this bios is the easiest way for you ,so i reply you this.

How do you take precaution ?Could you tell me? I don't think only edit bios via amibcp then will brick. Because you still need to consider how re-flash the mod in next step.

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Yes, i appreciate that, i was just telling that i had used that tool but had no clue how to proceed further.

Can you please tell me what do you mean by this btw: "Because you still need to consider how re-flash the mod in next step."?
After you modified the bios then don't you need to re-flash it?it's your next step , re-flash the mod via Instant Flash.
If you meet the bios write protection ,you could try remove the protection through UBU(UEFI BIOS Updater).

Or you can make a bios dump via Intel fpt ,then edit the dump then re-flash again.(You can directly re-flash the mod via fpt ,because of "Bios Lock" is disable by default.)

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When you mention write protection, will it flash anyway or prevent me from doing so? Like a warning when trying to flash

If that happens i will still be able to use the current bios, right?

Sorry for all the questions, as i said, just trying to play safe as i don't know much about this
Under normal condition ,it will block you to re-flash the mod ,because the bios file was modified. Like currently ASUS's capsule bios(.cap bios file).

But i'm not sure whether it has similar protection in this old platform. In short ,no testing no result got.

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One more question if you can help me. This bios has only Offset voltage for CPU and i wanted to have it on fixed. When using Amibcp i can see it has that option:

[Image: NBoA4YQ.png]

Is there a way for me to disable the current setting - offset voltage?

[Image: gCHKLNa.png]

Or the only option here is to leave it on Auto and use the fixed mode when unlocking it? Wouldn't they "tamper" with which other?
Sorry ,I don't understand these features ,so can't give you any useful advice.
You shouldn't to directly tune the value on amibcp ,you should to tune and test it in the bios after the menu unlocked.

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