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[REQUEST] Acer Swift 1 (SF114-32 P4LK) unlock advanced BIOS settings
I would like to unlock the advanced BIOS settings page(s), if they are existing at all.
I would like to take a look on them, because maybe I will find some useful options, to make life easier, eg.: to power on my laptop without opening the lid (wake on AC, wake on USB keyboard, etc. and without using this balloon trick ), or other useful settings. I have no clue which UEFI variables to set, and on which addresses, to unlock the BIOS, and make that advanced BIOS setup screen(s) available.

My laptop is currently flashed with BIOS version 1.07, which can be downloaded here:

BIOS is: InsydeH20

However there is a newer BIOS version since then, 1.09. Anyway, it would be interesting to know, how to flash it, because the machine is unable to boot FreeDOS: no legacy boot / CSM option in the BIOS... Who knows, maybe unlocking it from an UEFI shell makes this setting accessible as well.

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