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[REQUEST] Acer Veriton M275 BIOS Unlock
hello all
I have a motherboard acer veriton M275 with bios P01-C2

I would like to know if you can change it for overclocking (cpu)

thank you so much beforehand!
hi to all i need some help on unlocking my acer veriton m275 bios, i need to over clock my proci a little bit and my ram has a limit for only 4g and i want to buy some extra memory so i cant play decent lan games like BOF4 and COD ghost, your help will much appreciated thank you and GOD bless

here is the link for my bios update :
I support the request jaycell07 and also request to modify the BIOS to support more than 4 GB and support for all types of memory, not only the brand Acer
Thank you!

Here link for bios

and in attachment

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1.65 MB / Downloads: 36)
Hello I also have a M275  with P01-C2 and the other link doesn't work for me via dosflash. I uploaded via dosflash, and it still wont accept other ram and wont enable ahci, it uploads, but simply doesn't change anything. So I could also use this file. Thanks.
Just looking to unlock anything that is locked, ram settings would be the most helpful.

There is another thread on the forum with a unlocked bios for this system, however after flashing it hasn't seemed to have done anything.

Bios download
I need a Ami bios unlocked for Acer Veriton M275.
Motherboard Acer G41M07, Sata Controller mode greyed out stuck on IDE, I'd like to enable AHCI option.
I've attached latest rom bios update below.

Thanks in advance.

Attached Files
.rom   9A3A1053.ROM (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 3)
Thanks for joining post.
I don't need overclock etc.....
Mainly I need Ahci enabled.

Got it opened in BCP and I could find it locked on 03.
I've tried to change to 00,01 and 02 without success on the machine after flash.
I need some instructions.

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Hi everyone!
It would be of great help if this BIOS could be unlocked, then it would make more sense to go ahead with an LGA 771 Xeon.

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