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[REQUEST] Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC BIOS Unlock
also the jumper on the left side of the main board with the usb port pointed at your lap should be set on 1,2 and not 2,3.
The cable and jumpers are correct connected. I tried different software editions with or without the 1.8v board and it still could not read anything. My last try was under linux and it´s not working there, too. I think that the programmer itself is broken or faulty. I will send it back to receive a new one. Maybe next week i get a new one.
that sound like a good plan.
Buena suerte, señor. ¿Dónde podríamos hacer una donación para ayudar con este proyecto?
Actualizar Ryzen Gl702zc a la serie 3000 o (5000) sería genial.
Last week, my new spi programmer arrived. As i mentioned before, my old ch341a programmer was faulty. Thank god, the new one is working flawlesy!
One thing you should know is following: You don´t need the 1.8v adapter, just the programmer with the clip cable, nothing more! My first readings and programming failed, because of the 1.8v adapter. It is reading the bios, but when i make  the blank check i´ve got the „chip are not null“ error. Sometimes it was okay but then when i try to write the bios chip it fail´s, too because of invalid bios data. So i disconnected the adapter and all went good now.
My second try was to make a BIOS crossflash. This was done with the asus prime b350m-k BIOS. It was only for testing purpose to see if the laptop could work with a desktop BIOS. It´s not working with it, it´s completely dead. No power, no charging indicator, nothing. So the only way to get new features in the BIOS is to modify the existing one!
I hope that one of the bios mod guy´s is reading here to have a look at my bios and could enable and modify it?
I need unlocked menu´s for ram speed and timing, unlocked cpu menu´s for voltage/multiplier control, maybe some mainboard controls could enabled, too? And the last big question: Could agesa and microcode changed/added to use newer ryzen cpu´s from 2xxx and 3xxx series? Could it be useful to extract microcode/agesa code from a desktop mainboard and add or replacing the codes in the gl702zc BIOS?
Now i think i wrote enough and we should came back to topic again :-)
BIOS dump made via ch341a programmer, tested 100% working
BIOS is here:
Link to the asus website with it´s original BIOS:
Here are some screenshots about the bios. User genius239 did a great job

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