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[REQUEST] Dell 3531 corrupted bios with dump
Hello folks, I'm new here, and hoping for help.  I have a Dell 3531 giving a one beep error at boot with a blackscreen indicating bios failure.  I ordered a CH341A and cable clip, and after a several hour fight, finally managed to pull a dump file out of the EN25Q32 bios chip using flashrom and the CH341A provided utility.  Both dumps match in file size, and the 341 utility gave a message saying the file content didn't match.  I didn't catch the error exactly, but I can probably reproduce it if necessary.  Anyway, I was hoping for a clean bios file to load into the chip with flashrom to get the laptop working again.

I have some electronic background from years ago, but the newer platforms of pc and laptop are a bit over my head these days.  I read in the specs for the EN25Q32 bios that it was write protected and I'm not sure reflashing it is possible, but I have it appart and the hardware still set up, so I'm hoping for some more experienced input.  I tried loading the extracted file via USB repeatedly with no luck also.  I'm not entirely sure the extracted file I have is correct though.  Thanks in advance!   Here is the latest bios version from dell  3531A03.exe


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