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[REQUEST] HP Compaq Pro 6300 MT BIOS Unlock
Hi! I have a problem with any PCI-E videocard on the HP Compaq Pro 6300 Microtower because of locked VGA settings in the BIOS MENU.
Whould you kindly help me with my problem please? Blush
[Image: show-image.php?id=ea0cff4fdeefb62a7937586cf17301cb]
[Image: show-image.php?id=4c7f21b2a33cd38c12b71c3b6e4d0b1b]
BIOS download link
Dear members,
I hope this is the right place, because I don't know which bios manufacturer this pc have. I want to overclock this pc to 4 Ghz. I can't find unlocked Bios for this pc. Can somebody help me?
   I really hope someone can help me out as I have been searching everywhere for an unlocked bios or even a simple upgrade with some clocking options. So far Ive only found unanswered request for this pc. Please! any help would be greatly appreciated, a link to somewhere else anything at this point. Surely theres something out there. 
 SMBIOS Version 2.7

vendor Hewlett-Packard
version K01 v02.99
date 09/15/2015
ROM size 16384 KB

DMI System Information
manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
product HP Compaq Pro 6300 MT

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