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Hi all,
Can I request for an unlocked bios for GL552VX?
I attached my original rom to this thread.
//PS: I tried to use AMIBCP 4.55, but whenever I tried to save, AMIBCP crashed with C++ Runtime library error
Hello there.
I used the AFUWINx64 3.05.04 provided in these forums and i was able to take a backup of my current bios. Other versions would simply give me a freeze or a blue screen.

Comparing the bios file from the manufacturers website with the backup i took with afuwin there is a small difference of 2,048 bytes,  as in the backup is smaller , is that alright ?
I'm not sure what version of AMIPCB to use so i will let some more experienced user to do the next part.
If anyone could help me unlock the menus in there i would be very grateful.
Create backup of your bios with attached utility and send me the link via PM.
Alright a backup was taken with the tool provided and sent to you via PM.
Hi all,

I'm new to the forums, and would like to ask for assistance in unlocking the BIOS for my ROG laptop, GL552VX, with a BIOS version of 300.

Attached below is the vanilla BIOS.

Thanks in advance! Smile

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 2.6 MB / Downloads: 15)
hi, i'm going to be stuck with my beautifull laptop that i've tried to upgrade over the past 3 years and for today standarts my GPU is getting a little bit too "not enough". though triyng to overlock the GPU by 135mhz+ (wich is the limit for these maxwell laptop gpu's) doesn't give me enough juice.
i've tried to flash the "gpu's bios" but failed becuse i deeply belive it has to do with something from the laptop's bios and not just the gpu.
that's my understanding.
the thing is i don't know anything about modding a bios and i don't even know how to start to do so, everything seems to be a bunch of stuff i'm not familiar with and there's barely no info on the web i could find for so.
if anyone could be kind enough for me to give a hand at how could a make what i'm looking for possible i would really apreciate that for as long as i still be using this laptop for the next 3 years.
or just mod the bios for me to do so, that would be neat also.

(i know there was already a post requesting the same thing but it was either old, or not finished, so i'm trying my luck here again, and for all those people that didn't get anything for that laptop, and i thought it needed some attention too).

Attached Files
.zip   GL552VXAS303 (2).zip (Size: 2.6 MB / Downloads: 10)
Hi! Check your PM.
Hi I have an ASUS ROG GL552VX(SKL)-DM427T with version 303 of the bios. It would be possible to PM me an unlocked bios of the version 304.
(02-17-2021, 02:14 AM)Schustrik Wrote: Hi I have an ASUS ROG GL552VX(SKL)-DM427T with version 303 of the bios. It would be possible to PM me an unlocked bios of the version 304.
Hi! Check your PM.
Hi, I tried to mod the bios myself with AMIBCP but failed, so i searched for a pre modded bios and found this
Can i have the bios feluchi gave?

Thanks a lot

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